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​Endo Smart Cordless Endo Motor

Viktorija :) 04 oktobris 2018

Endo Smart

product details

Endo Smart

Effective prevent needle breakage

Adopt real-time feedback technology and dynamic torque control, realizing automatic reverse, effectively preventing fracture.

Imported Motor 


reduction ratio endows strong power and efficient cutting.

Durable planet gear gearbox prolongs service life of device.

Wireless Battery Charging

Contacless charging without contact point outside well avoids poor contact.

Build-in battery, charging by putting handpiece into charing base

Automatic torque calibrating

Choose Torque Calibrating mode to automatically calibrate torque, reducing the torque fluctuation caused by contra-angle replacement or sterilization under high temperature and high pressure.


Storage of 9 user-defined modes allows invocation at any time.

Under each mode, continuous motion, reciprocating motion, and reverse motion are for options. Torque and speed is adjustable

Nimble Contra-angle

Contra-angle can be autoclaved to avoidcross-infection. Adjustable angle make it aviable for different teeth positions. Small and exquisite head provides unobstructed views.

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